Ortron Announces Repetitive File Management Suite for Windows Explorer Users

Ortron, Inc. has released "You Can Automate Repetitive File Management Suite" for all Windows Explorer users to automate routine, repetitive file management in Windows XP, Vista, Win7.  The Suite offers a innovative point-and-click alternative to creating batch files.  Included in the Suite is a task recorder, a Windows Explorer extension, which records and later “replays” repetitive tasks, productivity tools to bookmark folders, dual folder layout for folder comparisons and a file management task Editor where tasks are automated via point-and-click forms.

Batch file users may appreciate the Suite application "You Can Record and More" records tasks in Windows Explorer.  As the user copies, renames, deletes, opens or zips a file(s) this application records an equivalent task in the Editor, called "You Can Author".  At the conclusion of recording a shortcut is placed on the desktop.  Clicking the desktop shortcut replays, that is, repeats the original file management.   The product is directed at any user familiar with Windows Explorer who desires to save time by automating backups, daily submission of files to a cloud server or any routine or repetitive file management.

The Suite has several applications to improve productivity in Windows Explorer.  There are toolbar icons to bookmark the current open folder and an icon to reopen the folder later. Optionally, the open folder and a folder in the navigation pane can be bookmarked to make copy-paste tasks faster.  The toolbar includes a folder comparison icon which opens dual folders, actually, side by side windows with folders to compare reopened.  Another Suite application is a document, application and script launcher most useful to power users with many documents, applications or recorded scripts.

The "You Can Author" Editor offers many options not available during recording.  After recording in Windows Explorer the recording can be modified in the Editor.  The file management task is modified by completing the task form.  Finally, all the tasks are converted to a VBS script for execution via the optional desktop icon or the file Launcher.

The alternatives for repetitive file management, such as creating bat files and VBScript coding, are more complicated requiring training.  Many Windows Explorer users will find the Recorder easier since knowledge of the scripting language is not required.
"You Can Automate Repetitive File Management Suite" is available as freeware.  It can be downloaded from the web site.  For more information, there are short videos at "www.youcanauthor.com" .

October 3, 2011